Pearl Essence Easter Parade, Hannah

 We currently have an unexpected but beautiful litter from our gray stud Max.  Max thought that our tri colored Basset Hound, Tank Girl, was very pretty and decided to have a romp with her.  So we now have eight gorgeous pups that are a mix of the best of both breeds.  While this was not planned, these pups are very awesome!  They have wonderful tempermants, and are very outgoing, will be great hunters and trackers.  They are all black with splashes of white on their chests.  I will post photos soon.


They will be ready to go home the end of Sept., beginning of Oct.


  If you are interested in a pup from this wonderful litter, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.  We do have a list and it is filling up fast!




























Our philosophy and methods of care

Our dogs are our gray children and are cared for as such.

All of the pups are born in a whelping box in our den and that is where they stay until they are about three to four weeks old. Here they learn about family life and get acquainted with everyday noises such as the tv, radio, vacuum, friends coming and going, the computer printer, and telephone just to name a few. After weaning they spend the rest of their time having the run of the space in the kitchen and nook area. They will learn that a crate is a nice place to sleep and all about the variety of noises associated with the kitchen. Here they will also start their potty training, and will be just about trained by the time they are ready to go home!

When they are between five and six weeks old they will be exploring the outside world and the noises out there as well as getting acquainted with our cat. And since this summer is sure to be a hot one, they will also get to play in the kiddy wading pool and learn to appreciate the water. Also during this time they will be started on their vitamins to ensure proper nutrition (each pup will go home with a weeks supply).

Each pup will be well rounded as far as experiences both indoors and out. They will be lovingly handled by all members of our family and friends .

Every pup goes home with a blanket and a toy that has our and their smells on them. That way they will be able to make the adjustment to their new surroundings alot easier! You will also have a lifetime of support from us! Any questions that might come up or insight for the life of the dog. Don't hesitate to call!

It takes alot of time and care to raise pups right and we feel that this is the only way to do it. I spend all of their waking time with them and know that it is well worth it. We are very proud of our well-rounded pups and can honestly say that you won't find a better puppy anywhere else!!



I will not ship a pup as I prefer to meet the people face to face that will be adding one of my kids to their family.